Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Since I've been away, I've been to a good friend's wedding, dealt with a snake in my apartment, and killed a tarantula-sized spider (by the way, it is still sitting in the corner in which it was killed because I'm scared to pick it up).

Yes, people. A snake. In. My. Apartment. That's what I get for living so close to the woods. Not a large one, but a snake nonetheless. Shucks, he could have been a baby poisonous snake for all I know. It was discovered by my Snookums.

Snookums: Is that a snake?

Me: It's probably just a piece of yarn. (I thought it was a strand of boucle that found its way into the hallway.)

Snookums: It just moved.

Me: *running over to Snookums* Oh my God!

I started running around in circles like a dork, going through my mind for all the things that I have that could possibly be used to kill a snake. Know what I came up with?

Some bug spray.

So I ask Snookums, "Would bug spray work?"

Snookums: I don't think so. Give me a box or something to chase him in.

The darned snake slithered away somewhere while we were looking for a box. Now there may be a snake somewhere in my apartment. Great.

Surprisingly it doesn't bother me anymore because I am hoping he's now in someone else's apartment. Better them than me. I do check the covers before I get into bed, though.

The bug spray at least worked for the spider. But I kind of, um, OVER-sprayed. My bedroom smelled like Raid for hours and there's a big "Raid circle" on the wall.

If he would have just stopped moving with the first couple of sprays I wouldn't have this problem.

I found the courage to delve into my own personal "Katrina-devastated New Orleans" (my knitting room) to take a look at some UFOs that needed a great deal of attention. I finally chose Mariah to finish.

The trick was to figure out where I stopped in the pattern. It wasn't difficult, just annoying.

So, I started working on the sleeve some more. And I was happy until I looked at it and found this mistake:

What's that you say? You can't see it? Here, let me give you a better look:

A mis-crossed cable. "@#$*@"

Fortunately, my screw-up will serve as your opportunity to learn how to fix a mis-crossed cable.

A tutorial is coming soon.