Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Can Stop When I Want To...

I started cooking more to keep me out of fast food restaurants and decided that I needed more dishes like this in which to store leftovers:

(All Pictures Enlarge)

It's a vintage pyrex dish in the Snowflake pattern, probably made in the late 50s. I bought it for $2 from the Salvation Army years ago because I thought it was cute and is the perfect size for me. If I'm going to do this cooking thing, I want to do it with pretty dishes. My search for more has led me to an obsession that is probably equal to my obsession for yarn.  I found a couple more vintage pyrex dishes from a vendor at a local flea market:

The one at the very top isn't pyrex

My GOSH, how pretty! I did more research on vintage pyrex and saw that there were even more patterns to love. I decided that those dishes needed some company:

This is from weeks and weeks of stalking thrift and antique stores. I like buying from these places instead of etsy and ebay because prices can be super expensive.

My search for coveted pieces has resulted in knowing the location of all the Goodwill stores within a 30 mile radius of my home. The thrill of the hunt is what keeps me searching. I love any pink piece and anything with the red and orange friendship pattern.

Honey, I have even more than what's shown in the pictures. I'm too ashamed to show you more, lest you think I have a bit of a problem. I've toned it down a bit, though. I think I'm going to complete the bowl sets that I have then stop collecting. Unless, of course, you all want to send me more. How could I say "No"?

"Thrifting" for pyrex has also allowed me to find treasures to feed my yarn obsession. Why, the other day I came across 10 skeins of cascade 220 for a mere 8 dollars.

A couple of days before that, I found 15 skeins of Creme Brulee (merino wool, originally $6.10/skein) for $4 TOTAL.

I found out when I got the yarn home that the Creme Brulee is discontinued. Who cares? Discontinued yarn can still become a sweater.


Sheila said...

What a beautiful collection of bakeware and you hit the mother load with the yarn.

carlita dee said...

So this is how an obsession begins, lol. Your Primary Colors set is minty fresh! Yes, I am jealous.

I can't believe you found all that Cascade so cheap. Wow.

Nik said...

Thanks Sheila. Sometimes I just stand in the kitchen and look at the pretty colors LOL. And I totally couldn't believe my luck with the yarn. I had to look at the price again to be sure I wasn't seeing things.

Yep Carla, that's how it started LOL. I love that set. We're going to have babies.

Knitaholictoo said...

Ok, I gotta go soping with you!!!

carlita dee said...


elle3270 said...

Love the Pyrex. I have one pink 4 quart left from childhood days that I now use for my potato salad.

Unknown said...

Great finds! I'm gonna have to start thrifting again. Last time I went I found a few thanks of Galway yarn for ultra cheap, like 90 cents each, I think. Had to rescue them, right?

Heather said...

Huh. Vintage Pyrex. Whoda thunk it?

Marianne said...

Grannies Panties in Durham is excellent for vintage bakeware/plates etc!

gray la gran said...


i have some vintage pyrex as well, a bowl set, some casserole dishes, a couple of plates, and refrigerator dishes too.

of course, the last time i moved, i had to ask myself, "self, why does a single girl have SO MANY mixing bowls ?!".

(i didn't mention the glass nesting set nor the stainless bowl set)

where are your favorite triangle places to shop for the pyrex ?

cidell said...

Your collection is awesome! I have about six pieces of the pink and have had to limit myself lest I go crazy. I want them in every single color I can find.