Monday, November 05, 2012

You know, this is the first afghan that I've ever made for myself.  I don't count the one that became mine by default after the guy I crocheted it for broke up with me less than 5 minutes after weaving in the last end.

It was an American flag. He didn't even know that I was making it for him.  I finished the weaving in, he knocked on the door of my hotel room (Long distance thing.  Bound to end.), I tossed it under the mattress to hide it from him, then we sat down and had "The Talk".  It was Christmas Eve.

I became a victim of The Sweater Curse.  But with an afghan. 

"Cables Cubed Throw" from Caron International
This one has the benefit of being made especially for me.  There are no sad break up stories associated with it.  No bad, broken heart juju attached to the fibers.

45" X 60"
I've been itching to make myself a cabled throw for quite a while, so you know that I'm in finished object bliss.

I must inform you that there are two versions of this pattern.  The version that exists on Caron's website is different than the version you get as a free pattern from Michaels.  You will get the same look regardless of which pattern you use, however, the braided cable is worked differently between the two patterns. 


Opal @ Playing with Fiber said...

Oh that's a lovely afghan. There the perfect item to wrap up with while lounging around the house.

carlita dee said...

Can't stop looking at this! It's a masterpiece!

Karine said...

It looks gorgeous. My own afghaw WIP is waiting for me to get to it, maybe I should get a few block done to get it along.

Sharon said...

That is one beautiful piece of hand knitting! Congratulations, and may the forces of good juju be with you.

Jennifer said...

It looks fantastic! I know how glad you are to finally have it done.

QueenDBW said...


Monique said...

OMG! That is gorgeous! Look at those cables. I love it Nik!!
Side note: At least the story ends with Roy having the crocheted blanket and not him. ;-)

judy said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I have yet to make one. One of these days I'll take the plunge!