Friday, July 06, 2007

I am not dead.


I've had a horrible cold since last weekend that I'm just now getting over...and I hurt my back which kept me immobile for days. Even though I've been immobile, my fingers have not been working on Charlie. I just couldn't find a comfortable knitting position with the hurt back.

Charlie has to be frogged anyway. Well, at least to the armholes. The front and back are finished. But, when I tried it on, I found that I didn't like the way that the armholes revealed too much on the side. Not flattering at all. I'll have pics for you later to show you what I mean.

See I didn't shape the armholes...I just bound off a bunch of stitches then knit straight up instead of slowly decreasing. I thought that I would like that look, but I don't. It would look good over a collared blouse, but Charlie is intended to be worn alone as a summer tank.

I need to add more shaping at the armholes.