Friday, February 01, 2008

Have you guys seen this place that sells cashmere and silk yarn remainders for a reasonable price? Cashmere yarn is some expensive #$^@, but these prices seem to be reasonable. In some cases you can find over 600 yards of a cashmere blend for $20 bucks. Go there and take a click around. I've got my eye on some of this.

Pretty, no? It's silk and looks absolutely divine.

So, I was hoping to come home to find a box from Knit Picks with my Options needle set inside.

No such luck. I'm a bit sad but I'll live. To be quite honest, I'm being a little impatient. I'm supposed to wait at least 5 days for it to arrive, and it hasn't been that long since I received the e-mail saying that it was mailed. I'm about to settle in and watch "Blood Diamond". I'm hoping that it's a good movie.