Saturday, April 19, 2008

I couldn't get to sleep last night and finally got in the bed around 5am. Actually, make that more like 6am.

I finally got sleepy around 4:45am and went to the living room to turn off the lights before going to bed. That's when I saw mounds of Smokey's hair all over the place.

He was biting away at a spot on his back that was irritating him, and he chewed the hair off of his back. There were spots of red, irritated skin that were the sites where I applied his monthly flea and tick preventative. The vet stopped selling the project I normally use, so I had to use some new stuff that I'm never using again (since it irritates him so). I wanted to get that stuff off of him before he literally chewed himself bald. I gave him a bath to sooth his skin.

At. 5:00. In. The. Morning.

My plan was to let him air dry while I went to bed. But Smokey's hatred for having water on his body wouldn't allow me to get to bed so easily. That's because when Smokey is wet, he likes to run at top speed through the house and roll around on the carpet in an effort to rid his body of the evil water. It sounded like there were wild horses running around my living room ,so in order for there to be peace in my house, I had to get outta bed and blow-dry him to calm him down. Which took over an hour.

I tried to catch up on my sleep, but I just couldn't. I'm sleepy and tired and grouchy and my back hurts from lifting him into the tub. And just look at him:

All nice and comfortable on the floor, getting all the sleep he wants. And he just farted.

Great. That fart was the cherry on the pie of my sucky day.

You dog.

I know it's not his fault that I couldn't get any sleep. I guess I'm just resentful of the fact that he can sleep so easily.