Monday, December 29, 2008

Ok, so how many of you got yarn for christmas? Or knitting related apparatuses?

I KNOW that many of you did, with your knitterly selves.

Remember that yarn I begged Snookums for? Well, I actually got something else besides yarn. I'll show you a picture of it when I get home.

Yup, I'm not home yet. I'm actually in a hotel room in Jeffersonville, OH on the way home to Raleigh...typing to you from one of my christmas gifts to me (wait until you see my other gift to me). I was so sleepy yesterday that I thought it best to check into a hotel. I didn't want to fall asleep behind the wheel and wake up dead, wrapped around a pole somewhere.

But I was smart in my hotel choice. On the way to Chicago, I'd found an outlet mall that I wanted to visit. So, when I was thinking of hotels to stay in, I thought that I'd stay in one that is near that mall. Dangerous.

So, I must end this post because I must shower, pack the car, and head on down the road to Raleigh. Please send me your prayers and stuff. I'll let you know when I have safely arrived.