Monday, October 23, 2006

So, my "city-fied" self got the chance to soak up some country livin' at the North Carolina State Fair this weekend. Snookums was kind enough to oblige.

There was a woman there from South Carolina who makes baskets out of sweetgrass.

Be sure to click on some of the links to the photos showing examples of baskets made of sweet grass. They aren't the ones she made, but just examples of what they look like. The way she curves the handle was simple but unique. I bought a small one. I wanted a larger one, but it was too expensive. Her prices were fair, but I just couldn't justify dishing out 50 bucks for a basket.

I love walking through the show that displays the prize-winning plants/flowers. I have to live vicariously though the "green thumbs" of the world because I have an inability to keep a plant alive.

Of course I was camera happy and took some pictures. Here are some of my favorites (click to enlarge):

The leaves of the plant in that last picture were beautiful, and Ladies and Gentleman, I have been inspired to make a plant submission of my own.

I have a chance at winning, no?

A little Echinacea will clear that "crunchy-ness" right up.

I crack myself up sometimes.