Monday, November 20, 2006

Now, how come I couldn't figure this out from the many books/websites I read?

It took a quick lesson from Elizabeth for all that book readin' to make sense. This yarn was made from wool I bought last year from "Shuttles Needles and Hooks" here in Raleigh, NC. It's a huge house with multiple rooms that are filled from floor to ceiling with yarn...kinda how my house would look if I was lucky enough to have THAT much yarn.

Is the yarn that I spun perfect? Um, define "perfect".

Am I excited? *huge Kool-Aid grin*

See that blur of hands on the left in the green sweater? Those are Saunielle's hands, the fastest in the East. And the girl with the spindle between her knees was another "student of the spindle". Elizabeth even gave me some silk to play around with.

Generous, no?

Now, will I screw up the silk?

Define "screw-up".


WineGrrl said...

Those hands look faster than the speed of light, or sound (whichever is faster--I never took "hard science" so I have no idea).