Thursday, November 09, 2006

Snookums is becoming a very knitter-friendly boyfriend.

Last night while I was leaning against him and knitting the second of the three requested "Republic" hats, I made him the "slipper-of-the-stitch-marker". His job was to hold the marker until I gave "The Signal", then slip it onto the needle.

Nice, no?

He also became the "Massager-of-the-tired-hands-that-have-been-knitting-too-much- these-past-couple-of-days".

Even nicer.

Ladies, if you've never had your tired "knitterly" hands massaged before, I implore (I learned that word listening to a Counting Crows song) you to get thee to your man and have him do it. Shoot, grab ANY MAN and have him do it. It helps if he's cute.

By the way, Snookums is well aware of his obligation to the knitting blogger community and has been forced has reluctantly enthusiastically agreed to model for a picture wearing Cousin Tim's Irish Hiking Set when I finally complete the hat.