Friday, December 08, 2006



You think your day is going to be bad when, after getting into the car after gassing it up, you slam your hair in the door. And you do not realize that you've done it until you make a quick move away from the door and feel your hair rip from your scalp.

You turn around to see that a great deal of the hair that used to live on your head is waving to you from the door frame.

Luckily, my hair is beyond thick...So I can afford to lose a few strands. But Lord, did that hurt.

But the latter part of my day has turned around. I received a shipment of some very special DNA, so I am pleased. That means I can get some work done much quicker than anticipated. Which makes Nik a happy girl.


And if one more person tells me that 40 degree weather should NOT bother me because I'm from Chicago, I will scream. I think they think that my internal thermostat should be calibrated differently from enduring such cold winters...Like 40 should be the new 60. But 40 is 40 wherever you go. Cold is cold wherever you go, and it is cold today my friends.


I got home last night and was pooped. Didn't even want to work on Trellis. But I will say this: I now have a completed back AND left side of the cardigan. I finished the left side on Wednesday night.

Go Yoda. It's your birthday.

Really, I shouldn't be patting myself on the back. It IS a tiny baby sweater, so I shouldn't be all proud that I'm getting a lot done so quickly. Quick for me, anyway.

I will show you my progress on Monday. And I STILL have to show you more of the gifts from Andrea.