Thursday, July 19, 2007


In an effort to "de-skankify" Charlie, I had to rip her until I got to the beginning of the armhole shaping. I mentioned before how the tank revealed too much on the sides because I didn't add any shaping to the armholes. I was "trying something new". Heh.

TOP PICTURE: The arrow is pointing to the offending area and shows the approximate position of the side of my boob relative to the armhole. Skanky, no? As you can see, my virtue was at stake, and changes had to be made for the sake of my reputation.

The problem was that I just bound off a bunch of stitches then knit straight up. It would have been better if there was a gradual curve in the armhole so that important stuff is covered.

On some level I knew better. While I was knitting I kept thinking, "I need to add some shaping to these armholes." But I shut down my knitting conscience and continued on my quest to "try something new". I think that the design might work on someone less ample, but I thought it made me look a little loose. It was cute over a collared shirt. It revealed too much worn alone. My original purpose was for her to be worn alone, so I had to make some changes.

BOTTOM PICTURE: I just added some decreases and shortened the armhole an inch. The white arrow points to the decreases. She fits better now.