Sunday, January 06, 2008

I ended up going to Great Yarns yesterday instead of Shuttles Needles and Hooks. I changed my mind because I remembered that Great Yarns now sells Addi Turbos, and I wanted to get credit for my purchase so that I can have my frequent buyer card stamped. You get a stamp for every 10 bucks you spend. When the card is filled, it becomes a 25 dollar gift certificate. I was being resourceful.

Any "yarn head" living in Raleigh knows that, when you see the pink bag, you've got goodies befitting a "yarn head".

I didn't buy much, which is a good thing. I think that's because I went in with my "game face" on, not to be distracted by the Malabrigo and Manos Del Uruguay that I am totally in love with.

The arrow is pointing to the Addi Turbos, which are already being put to good use to make a gift for my Snookums.

I bought a skein of Plymouth Encore Chunky to make myself some gloves to go with my Republic hat and scarf. The chill that pierced my fingers a couple of days ago while walking Smokey helped me to make the decision to make gloves.

I also got the newest issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine, one skein of Tahki Cotton Classic(my favorite mercerized cotton yarn), and one skein of this cool yarn from Crystal Palace. I bought them because I wanted to try out a design idea. Many times I will only purchase one skein of yarn when I'm swatching for a design before I commit to buying the full amount needed. Look at the texture of the Crystal Palace stuff:

And to end this post, I shall show you a gratuitous picture of my most beloved canine homey, Smokey.

This is what he's doing at this very moment. In fact, this is what he's doing most moments.