Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I have managed to watch ALL of "Heroes", Season 1, and 7 of the 11 episodes of Season 2.

That's 31 episodes. All over three days. Over 22 hours of television in three days. That's more television than I've watched in months.

When I FINALLY decided that I should take a break yesterday, my eyeballs were dry and my booty was hurting from sitting in the same place for long stretches at a time. But I didn't regret one minute of it. That show is good.
I went over my knitting "TO DO" list yesterday and realized that I'd forgotten to make a hat for my neighbor. One day, while talking in front of my building, we discovered that we both have a love for crafting. She loves to make jewelry and invited me to her home so that she could show me some of the things she made. I fell in love with a beautiful set of jewelry that she made, and she just up and gave it to me. And she only knew me for a couple of days. Talk about being generous.

Since I know she likes the hat that I wear, I decided that I would make her one.

Pink is her favorite color.

I was sick of using double pointed needles, so I finally taught myself how to do circular knitting on two circular needles. I used THIS tutorial.

I have freed myself from the dpn bondage. This way is SO much better, as I don't have to juggle 5 needles. And my fingers don't get cramped like they do with dpns.