Friday, January 04, 2008

My First Computer

During the holiday season, I feel the urge to buy the things that I've been neglecting myself.

My largest Christmas gift to me? A darned computer.

I never had one.

Because I could get my computer needs met via other sources, there was no pressure for me to purchase one all these years. Sometimes I have buyer's remorse when it comes to purchasing electronics and such. I think it's because I feel guilty spending a lot of money at once.

Then I had to realize that I work hard for my money and deserve to buy myself stuff. Besides, I'm designing more, so I needed to have a computer at home to get things done more quickly.

After consulting with many nerds, I went into Circuit City with all the knowledge they shoved into my brain. There was a bundle on sale that met my needs. I settled upon the HP Pavillion A6200n:

with a 19" monitor:

The bundle also included a deskjet printer:

One more gift I bought was Adobe Photoshop Elements 6:

I need this to help me edit pictures and draw schematics. At most places, it sells for $99.99. Walmart sells it for a regular price of $79.99. I was lucky enough to find it on sale at Best Buy for $69.99.

I feel so grown up now.