Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's after midnight and I'm still up. Know why? Because I'm a bit nervous since the police told me about the burglar (see yesterday's post). So I've been calling people to help ease my anxiety. Calling people in different time zones because there's a better chance of them being awake.

I just got off the phone with my cousin in Chicago. He had some advice on what I should do to protect myself.

Him: You should get a hand gun. Take some shooting classes.

Me: I know how to stab people. *heh*

Not that I've taken stabbing classes or anything, but a KITCHEN knife is the only real weapon that I have available, since I don't go around totin' guns. Well, I have a couple of sewing machines just in case I want to seam him to death. I'd be screwed, though, if the burglar had himself a fancy gun. I do believe that a bullet could reach me before I could get my first stab in. That's SO unfair.

Let me stop thinking about it because I'm getting more nervous.

I've added some length to Funnel Cake since Friday. Aren't you proud?