Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Your Arms Too Short To Reach The Milk"

My current Honeycomb cereal addiction is starting to be "drug addict-esque". Pretty soon, I'll be robbing grocery stores for Honeycomb. I often have it for breakfast and dinner, so the box is empty relatively quickly.

I was in the grocery store replenishing my stash last night. I also needed more milk. I was struggling to reach a carton of milk that was WAAAAAAY at the back of the shelf, and there was a guy there just looking at me. Didn't offer to help or anything. Dang, where's chivalry when you need it? I didn't need him to rescue me from a tower guarded by a dragon, I just needed help with the milk. After many attempts, my 5'2" self STILL couldn't reach it, so I asked him if he could help. He smiled a smirky smile and easily reached back there with his long arms and grabbed a carton. Thanks.