Saturday, April 26, 2008

For the life of me, I can't understand how this lace weight Malabrigo (over 400 yards of Malabrigo goodness)-or the Dale of Norway Pattern book- managed to jump into my hands, pay for themselves, and follow me home from Knit One Smock Two in Winston-Salem, NC. Let me tell you, the women in this store were two of the nicest in the world. What you'd expect a knitter to be. It makes me really wish that I would have known them when I lived in Winston-Salem.

After leaving that store, we headed to Knit Picky, where we met the most helpful staff. We were all laughing and talking about knitting with them. One of the women who worked there was knitting a beaded wire necklace. I really wish that I could see it when it's done because it looked like it was going to be beautiful. I ended up buying the three skeins of Wendy Luxury Cotton (in fuchsia, white, and dark brown) you see below, as well as two skeins of Happy Feet sock yarn.

I've been into buying sock yarn lately. I'm blaming that one on my knitting buddy, Frances. She's always working on a beautiful sock project during Stitch 'n Bitch, and she's inspired me to want to knit socks. Now, whether I actually knit them, well, that's another story. At least I have cool sock yarn to knit with when I'm ready.

What am I planning to knit with these yarns?

Let's not go there. You know how it is. The pretty colors draw you in and you just buy without knowing what the yarn's going to be yet. Any talks you had with yourself about not buying yarn you don't "need" (is there such a thing as yarn you don't NEED? C'mon.) are forgotten when you walk into a yarn store. The next thing you know, you're whipping out your credit card. You don't remember a thing because you blacked out from the sensory overload. All you know is you're left sitting in your car with a credit card that has smoke drifting from it from all the swiping.