Friday, November 21, 2008


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I finished this dress weeks ago but couldn't capture a nice enough picture to post. I think this is a good one. I didn't want the belt you're supposed to make with it, so I just bought a wide belt. I think it looks really nice with the dress. I made view D of Butterick 5247. It was very easy to make.

Although I'm happy with the dress, I'm thoroughly unhappy with the fit of my Ravelry t-shirt. I was extremely excited to be able to get the newest shirt...especially since they always sell out so quickly. There were two left when I placed my order, so you know I was excited to grab one. The size chart said that a 2X would fit a 44-46" bust. Since my bust size is in that range, I thought I was safe. When I tried it on last night, my ass looked like Baby Huey. Don't remember who Baby Huey is? Here's a picture for you:

I called "Dirty Lizzy" last night to ask her if she wanted it. She weighs about 20lbs soaking wet and I think the shirt would fit her well. That's just how small it is. I was going to take a picture of me in the shirt this morning for a bit of comic relief. If I get the chance to do it before I give it away, I will.

I leave you on this Friday with a link to a 3 year old child casting on like a champ. Her mom, Jackie, used to be a part of our knitting group before moving to another state.

She'll be knitting in no time.