Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Obsession

Beautiful, saturated colors. High yardage. Those are the reasons that I've become obsessed with buying sock yarns. What you see in the picture above isn't even all the sock yarn that I've added to my stash. That's just all I could find before I got tired of looking for more. Just look at the beautiful colors in that Woollmeise on the lower left side of the picture. (go here to see how "Woollmeise" is pronounced. Scroll to the bottom of the page.) I practically threw the money at the person I bought it from.

Garter Stitch Rib Sock from Sensational Knitted Socks

Me? Knitting on size 1 needles? Get-the-f--k-outta-here! Never thought I'd see the day. But my longing for this gorgeousness to drape my feet will make me push through this difficult time. At times, I'll cry and fight. Slam the project down on the couch in a fit. Even complain to my knitting friends. Some will empathize. Others will tell me to suck it up (I know exactly which ones will tell me that)...I knew what I was getting into before I started these shenanigans. Hell, it's not like I JUST started knitting and didn't know any better.

I swear this sock has been testing the limits of my fleeting eyesight. I'm convinced that I'll be totally blind by the time I'm 40. Which means that I'll have to knit like the wind to complete all the items I've coveted. I bought this Yarn Pirate yarn off a pusher last week who was de-stashing her sock yarns. That reminds me, I have to visit said pusher so that I can get another hank of Woollmeise from her.

That Woollmeise just keeps callin' me, man.

I didn't like knitting socks. In fact, I've only knit 2.5 pairs of socks since I've been knitting. But if I'm going to buy the yarn, I've got to do SOMETHING with it. Some of it will definitely be shawls.

Oh, and I must show you the socks that I've completed for Mama Snookums.

I'd taken this picture with my phone when I had only one sock completed. I had a fellow knitter (Hi Erica!) model the sock for me at Stitch 'n Bitch. (They were washed before sending them.) If you multiply the number of socks you see in the picture by two, you get a full pair. Trust me, I DID knit two socks. Two KNEE HIGH socks, mind you. Hold your applause.

And in return, Mama Snookums sent me a bag she made. SHE is currently obsessed with making crazy quilt bags and sent me one as a THANK YOU for the socks. Look at it:

It's PERFECT for toting sock projects.