Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick of Beige

I came home one day, looked around my humble abode, and said to myself "I need to decorate with more color. This place looks bland with all this beige."

Ok, the thought actually went something like this: "I'm so tired of all this f---ing beige! This is NOT going to work anymore."

Knitting did this to me. Made me want more color in my life. I was perfectly fine in "beigedom" until visiting yarn stores and being bombarded with so many rich, beautiful colors.

Things, they are a-changin' 'round here.

See this Queen Anne Style chair with the sickeningly beige seat?

This chair once served as an accent chair in the living room. It's now in my bedroom, which is another place that started to piss me off with all the beige.

Well, I yanked out the seat with my bare hands (I've got a kung-fu grip you wouldn't believe):

Cut the new fabric to the size I needed with hedge shears, stapled it to the bottom, and screwed the bottom back on the chair with my teeth. I ended up with this beauty:

I'm satisfied.

This beautiful orange, silk fabric is TO DIE FOR. I have more and will be making pillows with it. I think.