Saturday, November 13, 2010

Not REALLY A Yarn Bowl...So What?

I like yarn bowls.

I often browse etsy to see the awesomely beautiful bowls that people have made. I have to talk myself down because, if left unchecked, I’d have a stash of yarn bowls large enough to rival my yarn stash.

Typical yarn bowls have the slit in the side through which to thread the yarn. But I swear, I’ll be shopping somewhere and see a regular bowl that I think is nice enough to be elevated to yarn bowl status. Take the one in the middle. Fits right in with the *real* bowls, don’t you think? I bought it from TJ Maxx and I think it’s a cereal bowl. But it looked artsy to me, like one of the handmade yarn bowls I paid over 30 bucks for.

Click the Picture To Enlarge

Click the Picture To Enlarge

The cost of the fake yarn bowl? $2.99. I'm tempted to go back and purchase the other three and give them as gifts to my yarn buddies.