Thursday, December 15, 2011

I LOVE when a man wears anything in charcoal gray. Especially when it's cable-knit. It just seems so...MANLY.

If I were President of these United States, I'd make it a law that all boys have at least one item of cable-knit, charcoal gray clothing at birth. In fact, as soon as they are born I would give them a "life kit" that includes some of the most important things that they will need in life:

Cable-knit, charcoal gray baby hat and/or sweater
Aluminum foil
Duct tape
Swiss Army knife

It seems that I want the kid to "MacGyver"* his way through life.

I made this hat for a friend's brother. It's the one that I designed for my youngest brother, Dontae, for Christmas that one year. The pattern can be found over there in the side bar and is called, um, "The Dontae" (Because I'm very creative when it comes to naming my designs.). The yarn I used is Cascade 220 and it's darker and "charcoal-ier" than shown. But since it's very difficult to take a picture to show detail in such a dark color, I had to make a deal with the sun to shine mightily on this hat so you guys can see the cables. As a result, the color seems lighter.

*For the younguns out there who know NOTHING about the show, MacGyver was a character in a television show who used unorthodox items to get out of binds. For example, he may use a gum wrapper and a toenail to make a bomb to escape from some bad guys.


del said...

I tell you, that hat is a staple. And I lurve charcoal gray, too.

Maybe MacGyver could knit it with chopsticks and silly putty.

Nik said...

I know! I am making at least one more for a Christmas gift this year.

Crystal said...

I had the BIGGEST crush on Macgyver when I was little, I thought he was so hot! And I agree about the grey, you can't go wrong with those kind of wardrobe staples.