Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Power of the Bootie

I know that many of you just ovulated simply by looking at this picture.

Even the men.

Many of you will even conceive today, initiated by the cuteness exuded from the booties.  Don't they make you want some babies?  You can thank me by naming the children after me ("Nicolas" if it's a boy).

Here, let me help you.

You're welcome.

(The booties are crocheted and the pattern is here.)


Monique said...

Ok Nik you are really trying to start trouble!
Those booties are really cute.

del said...

Those are TOO cute. Now stop it, you know I already have 3 kids.

Crystal said...

Hah! Well I would have ovulated if I wasn't already 36 weeks pregnant! Very cute booties, love the frilly ankles.

Adrienne said...


Sharon said...

Hahahahaha! No, I don't want any more babies!! (But the music does bring back memories!).

Your booties are wonderful!

Melodye said...

My baby making days are long over, but I did start thinking about who these could go to! LOL!

Jenny said...

This shoes are so cute.