Friday, October 21, 2011


The other day, I read that children have found a new way to get drunk. They soak gummy bears in vodka, effectively tricking adults into thinking that they're just enjoying a tasty treat.

I must say that it's freaking genius. (Now, if only they'd use their powers for good instead of evil.)

Because it's so genius, I feel sort of like I'm betraying the little delinquents by spreading the word about their trickery. I mean, if you can figure out how to get your underage drinking fix without anyone knowing, then, I think you deserve it*. If I see a teenager downing a bag of gummy bears, I'll simply smile and wink. I'll keep your secret. For your level of "sneakery" is to be revered.

Reading about sneaky ways to get drunk isn't all I've been up to these days. No sir. I've been knitting a shawl. Yep. I'm still in my shawl phase.

Some friends and I went to Charlotte Yarn late last year. Both my BFF and I locked eyes on a shawl sample that was strategically placed by the door to trick us into spending more money than we wanted.

We found out that it was knit using a free pattern and all we needed to do was buy the yarn. The next thing I knew everything went black, and when I came to I was walking out of the store with two balls of lace weight.

*Please know that I am joking. That's what I do.


Sharon said...

I made this shawl and it's so easy and fast that I was tempted to use all the lace yarn I had in the house and make lots of them!

Enjoy your new shawl (when it's done).

del said...

Oh boy, and I have two teenagers. Thanks for the heads up!

That's a pretty shawl. Why do y'all keep tempting me with more project ideas??

deltapurl said...

I think there is something in the air about knitting shawls....I am in a huge shawl phase

Crystal said...

I used some of this yarn that came in a lace shawl kit from (WARNING: d not go to that site if you love lace and have loose purse strings!). The yarn is great to work with, but I found it a bit stinky until it was washed. Hope yours doesn't smell!