Monday, October 15, 2012


I always get antsy when I'm near the end of a project. It's because I'm SO CLOSE to being done but it feels like it's taking too long to get there. I really feel like I'm being tortured.

I have started knitting square 11 of 12 and I'm both happy and pissed.  "Happy" because I'm almost done.  "Pissed" because I'm not done yet.

I decided that I would start assembling the finished squares to help deal with this. I figured that if I could see the afghan partially completed that I would be appeased until I can get the knitting done.

Each square has to have a crochet border.  Three squares have to be single crocheted together into a strip, then strips must be crocheted together.  I usually dislike making afghans that have to be assembled: I prefer making them in one large piece.  However, I wanted this afghan so badly that I slapped my dislike away.  It helps that the squares are large and that there aren't many of them.

I have assembled 6 squares and, DUDE, I am pleased with how this is turning out.


Sharon said...

Go Nik! You're getting there. From what I can see, it's going to be one beautiful afghan.

Monique said...

They really look great Nik!

Sheila said...

That afghan is going to be gorgeous.... The sneak peek shows the stitches speak volume.

QueenDBW said...