Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I have allowed one of my knitting buddies to talk me into participating in a 5K.  See my thoughts below as I progressed through weeks 1, 2, and the beginning of week 3 of the 9 week "Couch to 5K" training program.

Week 1: Why does pavement have to be so....HARD? 
               If I die from running out here on these harsh, 
               cruel streets, who will get my yarn?

Week 2: I'm still alive? Sweeeet! 

Week 3 (Before the run begins): I can totally do this!

              (After the first running interval): If I die
              from running out here on these harsh, cruel

Yeah.  I started week 3 again today.  I actually started it last week but had to give my foot a break because there was a lot of pain after that first day.  I felt much better and was really proud of my progress, even though I sometimes felt like I was going to die.  All the experts say that when it feels like you're going to die, that means it's working.

This is the race we're doing.  There will be people along the way who will toss colored powder at your body just for the hell of it.  I'm expecting to (1) have colored powder in nooks and crannies of my body that I didn't even know were there, and (2) be sneezing rainbows for months.  Which might actually be really cool.  I will run/walk the course and have fun, simple as that.

I'm also in a race to finish this sweater by August 31st:
I am participating in the "Shirley Paden Design Along" being hosted by the "We Love Shirley Paden" Ravelry group, and that is the deadline for the completion of our original designs.  This is the finished back, and the front is almost finished.  Looks just like the back, only it's the front.

The only thing left to do after that is to knit the sleeves.    


Sarah said...

I'm training for a 10k & 12k in November & December respectively and have been saying some bad words. I'm on week 5 and not hating it as much.

I also bought a $35 Timex running watch with interval timers to help me keep track of the interval changes.

Good luck! You can do it and those color runs are fun! My kids and I did one this spring.

Michelle said...

I dub that pattern "I F**KING LOVE CABLES!!!!!"

Nik said...

That's hilarious! And true.

Nik said...

Thanks Sarah! I have said many bad words, but am always proud of myself when I am done. I really like running.
Good luck to you with your races. I want you to have loads of fun.