Sunday, January 05, 2014

Gimme More

It started as a simple thing, really. 

One day while watching reruns of ancient T.V. shows, I felt a serious needed to crochet something.  I remembered that cotton I had in a Ziploc bag in that one basket upstairs, and thought that a washcloth was just the thing. 

This cloth was finished during one episode of some show whose name I can't remember, and two episodes of Maude:

I didn't follow a pattern.  I chained 33 with a G hook, double crocheted one row, single crocheted one row, continued to alternate rows like this until it was about the size that I wanted it, then stopped.  I originally just wanted one, but there was a partial ball of white cotton in the bag that begged to be a cloth, too.  So a few days later, on Christmas day, this happened:

They needed a bow because, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME:

This is a crafty house, and crafty houses have ribbon at the ready.
Looking at the cloths all wrapped up and pretty, I thought that this gift to myself needed something extra.  So this happened:

I hit the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works.
Fragrances:  "Moonlight Path" and "Paris Amour" 
Folks, I thought I was done.  But while looking for the pieces of the UFO (unfinished object) I mentioned here, I found another brand new ball of cotton.  So, this happened:

I'm done. 

I think... 


Sheila said...

Cute cloths and makes the perfect bath gift.