Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Merry New Year!

I didn't have one resolution for 2014 before I woke up this morning.  Well, I made a commitment to myself a while ago to design more, but it was made before the "make a resolution deadline", so I guess it doesn't count.

But as I was lying in bed this morning, a short, simple list of things that I want to happen in this new year popped into my head.

Buy more sparkly/shiny shoes.

Because these need some friends.

Sasha Obama Made Me Buy These
They are from ASOS
My friends know that glitter/rhinestones/sequins and I are tight like glue.  Shiny things just make my brain happy as hell.  I try not to be tacky with it, only wearing one sparkly thing at a time.  I'm afraid that as I get older, though, my "don't-give-a-damn-ness" will take over and you will see me on the street wearing every bit of sparkle that I own. 

Travel More.

Let's just start in these United States then work our way out to other countries, shall we?  I don't go ANYWHERE.  Which is surprising because when I was younger, one of my dreams was to just GO.  I've always wanted to go to London, and I can't believe that I have not been to New York City yet.  Making a list.  Checking it twice.

Use that Groupon you bought for horseback riding lessons.

As soon as this knee heals, I'm coming for you, Mr. Ed. 

Finish that plum turtleneck.

All of the pieces are finished.  All that needs to be done is to finish the neckline and to sew in the sleeves.  It's been too long, especially since I started this a couple years ago.   

"Funnel Neck Pullover" by Pam Allen
(It's the sweater you see on the cover of that Classic Elite Yarns "Weekend" pattern book in the picture.)
Cascade 220, Superwash


Pooch said...

Fantastic resolutions!!