Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Superstar" Day 4-"Lillie"

The free pattern for day 4 of my "Knit and Crochet Superstars" feature* is "Lillie".
Click here to go to the pattern.

Many knitters tend to show how much they love you by knitting things for you. If we're crazy about you and we want to give you a gift, the first thing we may think to give is something we've knit. Sometimes our love runs so deeply that we want to express it with our hands...use that thing we love so much to show you just how much we love you.
I loved my Aunt Lillie deeply, and she died years before I learned to knit. I suppose that she would not have spent another winter in Chicago being cold, why, with all the stuff I would have knit for her. This sweater was designed years ago, and I like to think that it is something that she would have worn.   

*Click here to read about what the "Knit and Crochet Superstar" feature is on the Cut Out and Keep website.