Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Unemizo Capelet

I have a cousin who does not knit.


But I am waiting for that glorious day when she asks me to teach her.  It will go something like this:

Her: Will you tea-

And, before she gets the rest of the question out of her mouth, I will snatch a set of knitting needles and a hank of yarn out of my Afro.  And the lesson will begin.

Until then, I will just make her what she asks for.  Because: Love.

I went to visit her a few weeks ago and she went to Bella Filati Luxury Yarns with my friend Erica and I.  She saw the cutest capelet on a mannequin and asked if I would knit it for her.  It was this one:

Unemizo Capelet by Onanoko

She tried it on and it looked awesome on her.  So, I bought the Ito Kinu yarn suggested by the pattern, but I still have to buy the required mohair.

I really want to cast-on for this, so I'm hoping to get the mohair sometime this week.