Monday, January 06, 2020

Drop Dead Red

I was sitting in Panera bread with my best friend having dinner, knitting, and checking Facebook, when one message caught my attention.

It was a message from Dolores Van Hoofen's assistant, Franklin Habit, asking me if I would like to design a garment for Dolores.

My heart started to pound and I tossed the phone across the table and said, "Girrrrl.  Read THIS."

Our 40-something selves regressed into 16-year-old girls whose crush just asked to marry them.  Girly squees all around.

Dolores arrived and was sitting in the craft room when I got home from work one night.  I wasn't expecting her to be in my house, invading my personal space.  But somehow, I wasn't surprised to see her there.  She said the dog let her in, but the broken glass near the patio doors suggested otherwise.

She demanded a party dress, and after many sketches she finally decided she liked this one:

Of course, it had to have cables (Have you met me?).  A more delicate cable pattern would be great because it was going to be placed on a fancy dress.  I thought that a cable that was combined with lace would be perfect.  

Valley Yarns Valley Superwash Sport (100% Extrafine Merino; 50g/153yds) in #23 Crimson
There was much swatching and trying to figure out how to make the top look like I she wanted.  My first version of the top was a bit too wide. 

She made me rip it out because she wasn't pleased with the lack of side boob.
She is pleased with the side boob.
She was determined that her back should be out.

And here is the dress with the cable overlay.

I want to thank Dolores Van Hoofen, Franklin Habit and WEBS for this tremendous opportunity.  It was great fun, and reminded me why I like designing knitwear and that I should keep doing it.

"Drop Dead Red Kit". Photo courtesy of WEBS.

To order yourself a kit to make your own Drop Dead Red dress, go here.  You will receive all the items in the photo below.


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Really cute ! Congratulations !

Unknown said...

A great design, and a fun knit - thank you! Just have to block mine!