Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Here's the progress I've made on Mariah's sleeve. I'm scared though.

The pattern says that I'm supposed to put the sleeve on holders after 20". It also says that I'm supposed to finish a certain number of repeats; at the end of which, I'm assuming, will get me to 20". Well, Nik has YET to complete all the pattern repeats and I'm, um, already further than 20". But the schematic says that the sleeve is supposed to be 26" long, so I'm hoping that the 20" thing is a typo.

I've gone over this pattern and it doesn't look like it I've screwed up somewhere. And my row gauge is correct. I'm just going to keep going until I've finished the number of repeats listed and hope for the best.

And since Smokey kept jumping on me while I was taking pictures, I decided to take some of him. He's waaay skinner than this under all this hair.

Smokey begging for a belly rub: