Thursday, November 02, 2006

I agree with you all about stopping at 20". When I thought about it last night, 26" sounded too long for a sleeve... so I looked at the sleeve lengths of previous patterns that I've completed to get an idea of what made sense. 20" makes sense. 20" it shall be.

I saw this hat on the 'Nana Republic site a couple of weeks ago and kinda fell in love:

It's a simple hat, but that simple little button gives it that extra something. But 'Nana's selling it for 48 bucks. Cashmere's the reason for the price.

Armed with a big button, some Plymouth Encore Chunky and some size 10 circs, I decided that I wanted to make my $8.25 version. Encore Chunky was $5.25 from Great Yarns and that big button cost $3.00 from Hancock Fabrics. My garter band had to be wider than 'Nana's version to accommodate that button.

I'll have the pattern for you soon. I thought this would make a quick Christmas gift to whip up for someone.