Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yoda of Yarn

I let that girl talk me into believing that I actually have the power of Yoda. Which made me add ANOTHER project to my list.

My friend, Mel, called me one day to inflate my knitting ego.

Mel: You know what I was thinking? I came up with a new nickname for you. I am going to start calling you the "Yoda of Yarn".

Me likey. Simple, yet descriptive. Powerful. I SHALL BE...


A couple of days after that, we were discussing baby shower gifts for a co-worker...

Nik (showing the following pic to Mel): "I like this sweater...

Trellis from

...I want to make if for [our co-worker] but the project seems too ambitious. I have other stuff to knit and I don't think I can get this done in two weeks for the baby shower.

Mel: You can do it, Yoda!

Gosh darnit, I can!

Doubt myself, I should not.

So I started this little project by knitting a swatch in 100% cotton and didn't like it. Stitches were too uneven. There was only one way to remedy the problem.

Go shopping for yarn.

I entered many stores with "THE FORCE" in tow, looking for the perfect yarn. Lion Brand Cashmere blend? Too "frou-frou" for a baby. Don't know if the mom is into hand washing baby stuff. Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece? Nope. No color jumped out and said "knit me". Besides, cotton's been pissing me off lately. I know she is having a boy and I wanted blue, but not the typical "sky blue" or navy.

To JoAnn's, you must go .

So I listen to my inner Yoda and head over to JoAnn's. And I found the perfect blue. Patons Decor Yarn in Rich Country Blue (a wool/acrylic blend).

And I got to work:

(Note the cable needle. It is yet another gift from Andrea)

And this is where I am so far:

The top picture is the completed back, and the bottom picture shows progress I made on the left front side of the cardigan. The picture of the back is a better representation of the true color. I think I started this on Sunday.

By Dec. 16, I must finish.