Friday, January 05, 2007

Random Thoughts on the Way to Work
Installment #2

I've successfully taught myself to do a great number of things. I've taught myself to cook. (Shoot, I had to. If I was going to date Southern men, I had to learn. Country men like to eat.)

I've even earned a Master's Degree in Biology-which required that I teach myself some difficult biological concepts. Doesn't mean I'm the smartest tool in the shed, but I do know a thing or three about molecular biology.

So how come I can't teach myself to fart with my armpits?

Am I not cupping my hand under the pit at the right angle? Is it not wet enough under there? What, Lord?


carlita dee said...

LOL! Too funny. Yet, farting with the armpits does require skill. I can't do it either. I think the trick is in the velocity.