Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Merry New Year

Of course I've made a Resolution. It's the same one that most size 16 women make around this time of year.

To unload some of the Junk in my trunk(s).

Or to be more focused on getting rid of my spare Junk. I'm unloading it slowly but surely.

I found out that some of my Junk was already trashed during a sewing project I started about a week ago. I was making the dolman sleeved blouse from this pattern:

I tried it on and found out that it was too big. I re-measured myself and found that 3 inches were MIA from my chest...2 inches from my waist. I was using measurements that I'd taken two months ago, so I'd used the wrong pattern size. I feel like such a dufus because I SHOULD have measured myself again. I knew I'd lost some weight, but I didn't think it changed my measurements THAT much. I keep measuring myself because I can't believe it.

And here is one of the Christmas gifts I made:

It is a hand knit washcloth made with King Tut mercerized cotton. I got the pattern from here:

It's the seed squares pattern. The cloth is larger than it appears. I just folded it for the sake of presentation. I bought some soaps from Bath and Body works, arranged all of it nicely on my Pier 1 salad plate towel rest/soap dish. I then wrapped it with shrink wrap (I had to blow dry the shrink wrap so that it shrunk around the dish) added some ribbon from my stash, and voila:

I wanted it to look as close to store bought as possible. I think it's a rather cute idea. I was criticized by one of my friends for using the salad plate. I often find objects and use them in ways that are different than their intended use. I think the plate works nicely here.