Thursday, April 12, 2007

Additions to Lillie Pattern

A comment that Nora made regarding whether or not the edge opposite the buttonhole will stick out made me re-read the pattern and realize that I'd forgotten to add the instructions for a snap to add to the seed stitch edge that serves to keep it from sticking out. Thanks, Nora. The editor has been contacted and the following addition will be made to the pattern.

In addition to the materials listed in the pattern, you will also need:

1 Dritz Sew-on Snap, size 4 (or larger)

Needle and Thread

Instructions for adding the Snap:

With sweater buttoned closed, sew the "male side" of the snap on right front edge of sweater opposite the first neckline decrease, and sew the "female side" of snap opposite it on left front.

This will be well hidden and serves to keep the seed stitch border from sticking out.