Friday, April 20, 2007

I looked down at my dog the other day and I saw that he'd completely licked away a 1.5" patch of hair from an area on his back. Just bald. And I freaked the hell out.

Took him to the vet to find out that it's quite common for dogs to lick and bite themselves bald in areas of their skin that are very irritated. They're called hotspots. Who knew? This is my first dog so I never knew they did such things.

We don't know what has irritated him. We first thought that he might have fleas and their biting might have caused the irritation. But he doesn't have them. Maybe the irritation was caused by another bug's bite or allergens in the air. Who knows. But he is now on steroids and antibiotics for the itching and secondary infection he has from all the licking.

I've been quiet on the blog lately because I've been dealing with doggie issues for the past 2 weeks. A couple of weeks ago he was puking and "diarrhea pooping" all over my apartment off and on for a week (Don't worry, I'm getting the carpet professionally cleaned next week). And just when he's better from that, he goes and gets more issues. I love that dog, though, and am happy to see that he's better.

You'd think that his "crotch-ticular" area would be bald with all the licking he does on it.