Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I received a voicemail message (while out shopping for yarn) on Sunday from a lady who works in the management office of my apartment complex saying that someone's car has crashed into my apartment, and that they had to enter my apartment with the police and fire department to make sure that there wasn't anyone hurt inside. She said that there was "slight damage" done to the interior wall of one of my bedrooms.

When she said "slight damage", I thought that maybe there was a large crack from the impact or some other "slight damage". However, this is the "slight damage" of which she speaks:

Click pic to enlarge

This is the inside of my knitting room (I can hear your collective gasps. Calm down. No yarn was harmed in this accident.). Actually, none of my things were damaged. There was dust and large pieces of the wall all over the place, but no damage to my desk, which was less than one inch from the accident site.

One of my neighbors did this. From what I understand, he left the car running so that he can quickly run into his apartment, grab some things, and come back to his car. He thought that he put the car in "Park".

Only it was in "Reverse".

The car rolled down a hill and into my apartment. This is the damage from the outside.

Repairs are starting today.

How was your weekend?