Friday, May 18, 2007

Tagged: 8 Random Facts/Habits About Myself

I don't think I've ever really answered one of those Memes that circulate blog land. But I have been tagged by Andrea, so I will happily oblige. But not fully. I'm just going to give the 8 things about myself instead of tagging other folks.
Here goes. And believe me, they're random.

1.) I once returned lipstick to a local drugstore, and when the clerk asked me why I was returning it, I replied, "It's ugly".

2.) I used to run the light board during plays in the theater department as an undergrad at Lake Forest College.

3.) I do not like unruly children.

4.) I love tall men. They make me feel like a natural woman. Short men do not (In my book, a "short man" is classified as one who stands less than or equal to 5'8" tall without shoes.). Well, they do if they have what I call "A manly presence".

5.) Chinese food is my favorite.

6.) I once saw a girl get part of her nose bitten off in a fight. She didn't win.

7.) When I eat Nutter Butter peanut butter cookies, I have to separate the halves and spread the peanut butter over the entire length of the cookie.

8.) German chocolate cake is my favorite cake.