Friday, August 10, 2007

Where is your mama?

The problem with the creation of the $1.50 movie theater is that it has made going to the movies more affordable to 16-year-old girls.

The kind that like to giggle a lot.

The kind that like to laugh when one girl in the bunch decides that (since she knows that this act will go down in history amongst her friends) she will release a burp from the depths of her soul that will be rather difficult for any of her male counterparts to match. (I guess she thought this was appropriate because we WERE at a Will Ferrell movie-Blades of Glory. I don't have anything against burping. In an emergency, I can be called upon to burp with the best of 'em. But not in a movie theater where other people are trying to watch a movie.)

The kind that like to sit behind an innocent 34-year-old woman and kick her chair. After the first couple of times, I turned around and stared at the young lady kicking my chair. She got the hint. Whenever I see unruly children, the first thing I look for is the parents. I didn't see any parental units nearby, so I assumed that these little gems were let out of their cages and allowed to go the movies alone. Nice.

I will be on vacation until August 20th. You probably won't hear much from me until then. Be good, ok?