Friday, September 14, 2007


Nik has been sewing more these days. Oh, yes she has.

I hadn't touched my sewing machine in quite a while, so I finally decided that I had to put that thing to work.

I'm camera shy, but I thought that I had to show this to the masses. You see my sexy self modeling Simplicity 3804. It was designed by Khaliah Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter who designs for plus-sized women. I made the top right view seen below.

That top gave me hell. Specifically, I had problems with keeping my stitching straight enough so that I sewed through the twill tape I had to add at the shoulders. For those who don't know, twill tape is pretty much a piece of ribbon you attach to the shoulder seams to keep them from getting stretched out of shape. I must have ripped out the shoulder seams a hundred times before I got something I was comfortable with. When I finally got the twill tape attached properly, I found that I'd sewn the top so that the back of it was inside out. Why do I keep doing stuff like that?

But it's over, and I can honestly say that I loved sewing this outfit. I guess it's kinda like when a woman gives birth and, although her private part gets torn to pieces, she forgets the pain she had to go through because she sees the beautiful results.

Of course I need more practice, because this outfit is far from being perfect. I'm sure I'll get better. When I first started sewing I had a hard time sewing straight seams. I'm much better now. The next item on the list is:

I'm making everything you see on the model. I already have knit fabric for the top, and I'm making the skirt with some denim fabric I've had stashed since the Going-Out-of-Business sale at one of our local Hancock Fabrics stores. I will be making the top first.