Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fredenburg Update and New Friends

So here is the progress I made on Fredenburg (you can see a close-up of the pattern here.). At this pace, I'll be SO finished by the baby shower, which is November 17th. I do believe that this will be the first time that I've made a shower gift this far in advance. Wow. I think I've just impressed myself.
I must tell you about a meet-up I attended with some fellow knitters last Saturday.

Talk about fun (I stole this picture from one of your blogs.)

I met with these ladies in Greensboro, NC on Saturday morning to visit that city's yarn shops and to have a little lunch. You see us in this picture in a restaurant called Ganache after we'd come from Yarns Etc. After lunch, we went to two more yarn stores called This and That and Stitch Point. I didn't buy any yarn, but I did buy one of these silk tafetta bags from Lantern Moon... make up for not being able to get that Kangaroo I want. The bag is small, so it will make me carry less stuff. I don't have enough room for a Kangaroo anyway. I also bought a set of Knit Stix.

There is a ruler marked on the needles so you can measure while you're knitting.

I had shrimp and grits for the first time ya'll. I'd never heard of such a combination until I came to the south, and actually thought that it would be quite icky to put the two together. I'm used to eating grits with bacon and eggs, so this was totally new to me. Ganache has converted me to a shrimp and grits eater.

Try not to slobber all over your screens as you look at this picture of the deserts that Ganache has to offer. And folks, this isn't even all of them. Of course we all had desert. We're not stupid.

I had a slice of the most devilishly decadent turtle cheesecake I've ever laid my lips on. I have prayed for forgiveness. Amen.

I love meeting new people. Especially those who aren't afraid to let their personalities shine through. Everyone was upbeat and funny, and I just had a really good time hanging out with them. I've got the feeling that I've made some new lifelong friends. We're already planning to meet again soon.