Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween and a Pithy Scarf Pattern

Yesterday, one of the local radio stations commented about how women often use halloween as an excuse to get away with dressing a little slutty by "slutifying" wholesome costumes.

The slutty nurse.

The slutty flight attendant.

The slutty mortician.

You get the point.

I was at the gas station last night and standing right in front of me was Daisy Duke herself. Complete with butt cheeks. Real ones. But that costume doesn't need any slutification because it's inherently slutty.

Oh, but the radio DJ's theory was proven to be correct before the night was over.

As I was getting back into my car, a girl emerged from her car wearing a costume as one of the Harry Potter characters. She was wearing an extremely low cut vest -with no shirt underneath- and a tie in the Griffindor House colors. The tie was strategically placed between her breasts. Her skirt was so short that, if there was just the slightest wind blowing, you would have been able to see HER Griffindor. IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEAN.

I'm assuming that this chick was supposed to be Hermione.

More like HO-mione.

I shall show you knitting content now.

I finally finished this scarf that I started last year around this time. I loved the colors in the yarn so much that I just wanted to let them stand alone and make a simple scarf. Here's a close-up:

And here it is even closer-up:

The yarn I used is one I got from A.C. Moore called Marble in the Berries colorway. Great Yarns, one of my local yarn stores also sells this yarn.

I love the detail of the dropped stitches, although it was very dificult for me to capture them in the pictures.

If you would like to make this scarf for yourself or as a gift, allow me to get all Elizabeth Zimmerman on you and give you rather pithy instructions on how to make it.

To begin, (edited to add (ETA)) cast on the number of stitches you want (I used 35 sts) with size US9 needles.

*Knit 29 rows in garter stitch.

0n the 30th row (K1, YO TWICE,) to last stitch, K1.

On next row knit the knit stitches and drop the YOs.

(ETA) Repeat from *

Continue in this way until you get the length you want. Be sure to end with a garter stitch section. (ETA)It took one ball and part of another (don't know exactly how much) to make this scarf.