Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Stuff

It seems that, over the past couple of weeks, I've been adding a lot to either my library or to my knitting stash.

When I signed up for my internet service, the internet hooker-upper guy didn't tell me that I'd get a free $75 dollar electronic Visa card that can be used anywhere to order things on the internet. I received an e-mail one day telling me about it.

Free money? Yeah! What did I use it for? Ordering the knitting books I've been craving from

I ordered this Barbara Walker book because a lot of designers swear that this classic is great to have in your library. This pattern book is part of a four book series. I ordered the first one to see if I like it.

You've already seen this one:

There are MANY cute designs in this book. I was impressed from the first page. And for those of you who read Saunielle's blog, did you know that she has two cute dress patterns in this book?

I just HAD to get Fitted Knits for the beautiful patterns.

And for the cable junkie in me, I ordered this pattern book:

I have only received the Sensual Knits book because the others are on backorder. I can't wait until the others get here.