Monday, March 31, 2008

It's My Birthday

Today, my dears, I am 35 years old.

And I have declared myself QUEEN OF THE 35-YEAR-OLDS.

I shall hold this post for 1 year. And for one year, my subjects should address me as "Oh, Queen of the 35-year-olds".


I received another gift this morning from Printrina, from my hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Dude, look at all this STUFF! Everything on this table was from her. Look at the sassy lady on the cover of the journal. And that soap (beige square, lower right) smells SOOOOO good.

I once mentioned in a Ravelry forum that one of the things I miss about Chicago is the O-ke-Doke (pronounced O-kEE-dOke) popcorn. I used to eat tons of it growing up. So imagine my surprise when I saw a HUGE bag of it in the box.

Don't tell anyone, but I've had some for breakfast. Hey, it's good for me because it's got fiber in it. And the cheesy goodness can be counted as one serving of dairy. And the Hershey's bar shall henceforth be known as "lunch".

Don't judge.

The way to this woman's heart is through stash enhancement. Behold the beauty of my Manos (doesn't that sound dirty?):

I was flipping through my pattern books to figure out which one would showcase those colors. Whatever pattern I choose, I will use the beautiful Brittany needles she sent to make it.

Thanks, girl. Wow. Just...Wow.