Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shame Made Me Produce An FO

'Twas shame that made me finally finish this hat. My Snookums' head was cold the other day and he needed a hat for that cold night air. And this one was sitting unfinished on the living room table, where it sat for weeks. It only needed a few more rows of knitting to be complete, but I kept getting distracted by, um, life.

Ok, I was being lazy. I thought that it was a shame that I hadn't finished it. He would have had something to keep his head warm when he came over that day if I'd just spent half an hour on it.

It was knit with Moda Dea's Bamboo Wool. I believe I only used one ball. I chose this yarn because I thought it would make a hat that will be soft on his noggin. This hat was a bear to photograph. I took what seemed like one hundred thousand pictures, and these are the only ones that were OK. The picture below shows a better view of the cable.

And this picture shows the "coolness" of the top of the hat. I was trying something different (I was pretty much winging it as I worked the top decreases), and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

It's a good thing I got it done in time for him to wear it in the 70 degree weather we're having. Heh. Better late than never.