Friday, January 02, 2009

I Resolve... keep buying yarn, neglecting to check the stash to see if I already have what I need. keep stockpiling fabric. And to continue to have every intention of making that skirt/blouse/pair of pants I bought the fabric for, only to leave said fabric in the bag on the floor in the knitting/craft room. That is, until I find myself in a state of "crafty boredom" and FINALLY start sewing SOMETHING. continue messing up my apartment Monday through Friday, only to wake up on Saturday morning, look around, and say, "Damn, how did I let it get this bad?", then clean it.

I've tried to get better on these things, but I never change. I thought I'd just make some resolutions that I know I will stick with.

Do you know that I just bought three hanks of black Cascade 220, only to find that I had black worsted weight yarn "in stash"? A lot of it. I promised myself last year that I would check stash before buying, but I rarely did it. But you know what? Part of me doesn't want to check stash because I WANT to buy new yarn to add to the stash.


And that fabric I just bought from Vogue Fabrics? Hell, who knows when I'll get to making that dress it was intended for. Might be tomorrow, might be in two months. Who knows. It needs to stand in line with the other fabric. I tend to overdose on fabric because a great deal of it is seasonal. If I see a pattern/color that simply moves me, and I know that it is seasonal, I'll purchase 4-5 yards of it without a plan for it because I know that I won't see it again. Such is life.

And this apartment? LMAO. Life happens and this place WILL get messy during the week. Enough said.