Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Dyeing

I was afraid it would come to this. That I'd be introduced to another hobby that I'd enjoy. I need another hobby like I need another hole in my ass.

My friend Merrie is to blame for my current obsession with dyeing yarn. The yarn we dyed below was done two Sundays ago.

First "we" used a niddy-noddy to make a hank and secured it in various places with acrylic yarn. Please notice the quotes around the word "we". Merrie did most of the "niddy-noddying" because holding that stick while trying to wrap it with yarn made me realize that I need to work on my biceps. Here's the dyeing process in pictures. All enlarge.

We Used Country Classics Dyes For Protein Fibers.
I Chose Pine Green, Slate Blue, and Persimmon.

Soak Hank of Yarn for at Least 20 Minutes in Hot Water.
"Bare"- Fingering Weight Merino/Silk Blend from KnitPicks.

Squeeze Out Water.

Lay the Yarn Out On Your Friend Merrie's Table.
Be Sure to Place On ClingWrap.
Make Merrie Smile for the Camera.

Use Sponge Brushes to Paint on Dye.

Roll Yarn in ClingWrap, Forming Long Snake.
We "Smushed" The Colors Together While Wrapped to Eliminate the White.

Coil the Snake. (Sounds dirty doesn't it?)

Nuke It, Then Let It Cool In Sink.

Rinse Out Until Water Runs Clear.
Or, Get Yourself "A Merrie" And Have Her Do It For You.
(This one's mine. Get your own.)

Hang the Hank To Dry.

The "Balled" Yarn.

I really hope that the richness of the colors is coming through on your monitor. To say that I love my yarn would be an understatement. If I'm interpreting the yarn correctly, it's telling me that it wants to become the woodland shawl. That is, unless I'm not as fluent in yarn as I thought I was. I'll try it and see if I like it. If not, I'll simply choose another pattern.

Shoot, I should have known that I would be addicted. I mean, I love color. Dyeing allows you to play and experiment with colors.


I just didn't know that I would want to dye every damn thing in sight.

The dog had better watch his ass.

Those white spots could use a bit of color.